Accompany PhinDeli connecting the community & overcoming difficulties together

December 8, 2021

S H A R E    

PhinDeli coffee brand has undertaken various connection activities with the people of Ho Chi Minh City in order to spread love and join hands to overcome obstacles.

Accompanying the 0-VND supermarket

Specifically, from August 15 to September 15, all revenue from PhinDeli coffee orders on e-commerce platforms (Tiki/Lazada/Shopee/Sendo) will be spent on buying and supplying necessities, contributing to the 0-VND supermarket chain of NovaGroup.

Moreover, 2,000 boxes of PhinDeli instant coffee were also donated exclusively for this 0-VND supermarket chain.

Donating coffee machines to field hospitals

Aside from the program to support the 0-VND supermarket, PhinDeli coffee will support the medical team, staff, and patients in the field hospital by providing presents and installing automatic coffee makers in canteens and floors around the hospital area beginning August 21, 2021. During the functioning of field hospitals, PhinDeli also delivers powdered coffee (the machine’s raw material) on a weekly basis. This is the ideal activity to allow doctors, employees, and patients to continue to enjoy coffee while undergoing treatment, thereby fostering hope.

Let’s create an Authentic Connectivity with PhinDeli coffee, join hands to help the community via the following steps:

Step 1: Access the Nova Consumer Mall store at e-commerce platforms.

Step 2: Find PhinDeli 3in1 Instant Coffee.

Step 3: Order and pay by credit card or ATM card.

Nova Consumer Mall stores at e-commerce platforms:

– Tiki:

– Lazada: 

– Shopee:

– Sendo: