Attractive offers in August from PhinDeli coffee

December 8, 2021

S H A R E    

PhinDeli, a coffee brand, is offering appealing gifts to consumers who purchase two coffee products of the same sort in August.

Customers who purchase two identical PhinDeli 3in1 instant coffee items on online shopping channels starting August 5 will receive a free cup of PhinDeli branded coffee.

This is your chance to get a “limited edition” gift as well as try one of the PhinDeli brand’s three newest instant coffee lines.

The first is the PhinDeli 3in1 instant coffee line, which has a strong coffee flavor and is ideal for most people. The second is PhinDeli 3in1 Signature instant coffee, which contains PS nutrients to improve memory and natural Steria, which is good for your health. The last option is PhinDeli instant white coffee, which is perfect for individuals who enjoy the flavor of white coffee.

PhinDeli coffee is made from quality coffee beans, carefully selected from Cau Dat Farm, a famous coffee farm since 1927.