Connect the community with PhinDeli coffee relay activities

December 8, 2021

S H A R E    

PhinDeli hopes to spread positive energy every day when the entire country is fighting the pandemic together through the “Connecting the Community, Working Together to Overcome Difficulties” campaign.

Thousands of officials, troops, and doctors from various areas and hospitals have been supporting the southern provinces and cities in their fight against the pandemic over the last few days. Each individual and group in the community contributes a portion of their efforts to the overall fight against the pandemic, creating a lovely image of unity and synergy.

From supporting in the “backline”…

Joining the 0-VND supermarket chain established by NovaGroup, PhinDeli has donated thousands of its 3in1 instant coffee products to disadvantaged people in Ho Chi Minh City over the past few days.

Products from PhinDeli can be found at the 0-VND supermarket, adding to the vibrant picture painted by the campaign “Connecting the Community, Working Together to Overcome Difficulties.” The campaign includes a variety of practical activities that connect the “frontline” to the “backline.”

Not only that, but PhinDeli also contributes to NovaGroup’s 0-VND supermarket chain by using all of the proceeds from its coffee orders placed on e-commerce platforms (Tiki, Lazada, Shopee, Sendo). This donation will be utilized to increase our contribution to NovaGroup in order to purchase essential items for people in the pandemic center.

If you are unable to fight on the front lines, you can order PhinDeli items through e-commerce channels to help the community with more practical gifts.

To take part in this activity, go to Nova Consumer Mall’s e-commerce floors, look for PhinDeli 3in1 Instant Coffee goods, place an order, and pay with a credit card or an ATM card. The program started on August 15 and will run until September 15, or until further notice.

…to connecting in the “frontline””

At the frontline, PhinDeli offers equally useful gifts to the medical team, doctors, and volunteers fighting the pandemic, just as it does with the backline by supporting the 0-VND supermarket.

On August 21 and August 27, PhinDeli equipped 30 automatic coffee machines and 2.3 tons of powdered coffee to 5 field hospitals, namely 2 field hospitals (District 12), Field Hospital No. 8, Field Hospital No. 10 and Field Hospital No. 11 (in the resettlement area of An Khanh Ward, Thu Duc City).

PhinDeli has been carrying out the mission of “connecting” the frontline and the backline by introducing various practical actions, similar to the message namely “Authentic Coffee – Authentic Connectivity” that PhinDeli pledges to. The frontline anti-pandemic team will be more confident and guaranteed to finish the work when each citizen is fully supported and the weight is shared. We will undoubtedly defeat Covid-19 as long as the spirit of cooperation is replicated.

PhinDeli is made from quality Cau Dat coffee beans. With the message “Authentic Coffee – Authentic Connectivity,” PhinDeli wishes to touch coffee lovers with “Authentic Connectivity,” starting with cups of “Authentic Coffee.”