Reveal PhinDeli coffee’s new story

December 8, 2021

S H A R E    

Recently, a luxurious and cozy PhinDeli coffee shop suddenly appeared in a prime location right in the heart of District 1 (HCMC), making many people curious about the return of a famous brand…

The story of a Vietnamese coffee brand in the US

The story of PhinDeli has never been dull as it is the realization of a Vietnamese man’s ambition of bringing Vietnamese coffee to the United States. Pham Dinh Nguyen is a businessman, and his strategy is unique and surprising. He bought the smallest town in the United States and renamed it PhinDeli Town. He wants to introduce Vietnamese coffee so that people are aware of “filter coffee” and the Vietnamese people’s distinct drinking style.

“Filter (Phin) is the Vietnamese coffee maker, and Deli means Delicious. ‘Delicious cup of coffee.’ I wanted to tell a decent and interesting tale in my hometown and throughout America,” Pham Dinh Nguyen, an entrepreneur, once said.

PhinDeli has become a well-known Vietnamese coffee brand as a result of the unusual and innovative notion. It is not easy, however, for that brand to become truly powerful. The aim of spreading Vietnamese coffee to the rest of the globe is noble, but it requires a precise plan and sufficient resources from the founder of the PhinDeli brand. Despite having spent time in the United States building a brand and doing business, the founder of the PhinDeli brand opted to return to Vietnam.

Here, PhinDeli is known for its takeaway model with clean and chemical-free coffee. PhinDeli quickly expanded from its initial 5 points of sale in Ho Chi Minh City to over 1,000 takeaway points in convenience stores, water bars, schools, hospitals, bus stops, and other locations in 2015. Simultaneously, this businessman is always on the lookout for strong partners who can assist PhinDeli in expanding its reach and making his old dream a reality.

It is critical to have a solid position in Vietnam – the motherland

In early 2021, businessman Pham Dinh Nguyen revealed that Nova Consumer Organization, a member of NovaGroup, which is a multi-industry economic group engaged in the sphere of Agriculture – Consumer Goods.

Regarding Nova Consumer Group, a representative of this group said, “In order to maintain a solid position and grow in the competitive coffee business, Nova Consumer Group has chosen to provide consumers with high-quality and standard products.” We have created a clean raw material location in Lam Dong, as well as a sophisticated manufacturing method, to ensure that the end product delivered to the market is the safest possible. “Authentic Coffee – Authentic Connectivity” is PhinDeli’s pledge and expectation to coffee enthusiasts.

There have been a lot of changes since the PhinDeli coffee brand made a comeback. With the new cover, recipes, products, etc., as well as Nova Consumer Group’s refinement, investment, and originality, the return of PhinDeli will provide Vietnamese consumers with yet another fresh option for their active lifestyle.